Ad Council Edge


We advise companies and causes on ways to inspire and engage the public on social issues

Through research, strategy, convenings and trainings, we partner with our clients to drive change on the most critical issues facing our country.


We help organizations create, focus or re-imagine their social issue strategies to engage the public.

Our expertise lies in driving positive, lasting change for your cause.


We start by deeply understanding opportunities and challenges and then work together.


We help design new social issue strategies (or re-imagine existing ones), seize new opportunities for greater public participation and break down the challenges preventing the public to act. These strategies are built from insights, consultative sessions and our experienced team of strategists.


We provide vital insights by conducting in-depth research to better understand the public discourse, individual mindsets and overall landscape.
Our strategies are based on data-driven insights from various methods such as qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, audience segmentation, social listening and more.


Through our extensive and long-standing relationships with advertising, media and nonprofits, we can bring together issue leaders, influencers and stakeholders to inform, connect and define a new approach to tackling social issues.


We build knowledge and skills on social issue messaging, marketing and movement building. We help organizations understand the best practices and current trends on social issue engagement, from half day sessions to full training series.

We bring more than 75 years of public issue engagement strategies to your company and cause.

Derrick Feldmann

Managing Director

Barbara Leshinsky

Chief Revenue Officer

Tony Foleno

SVP, Strategy & Evaluation

Anthony Signorelli

SVP, Corporate Partnerships

Kate Emanuel

Chief Strategy Officer

Megan Sigesmund

VP, New Campaigns & External Affairs

Rocco Pallatto

VP Development

Colleen Thompson-Kuhn

Ast Manager, External Affairs

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